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Refer a friend and earn R$1,000.00

All that is good, we indicate :)

If you know someone who:

Works with Technology for more than 3 years
Have the desire to live outside Brazil
Have a good level of English or study the language

Then you have a great chance of winning R$1.000,00

#somos portugal, 1 indicação = 1000 reais

Fill in the form to indicate:

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1. What is the "Indicate and Win" program and who is it for?

EVPConnect's "Indicate and Earn" program is aimed at anyone who wants to recommend friends and colleagues to work at EVPConnect and get a cash payment in the amount of R$1,000.00. We are always looking for good candidates for our projects, especially if they are highly recommended.

2. Who can participate in this referral program?

Anyone can nominate and be nominated, as long as the nominated person has at least 03 years of experience in the Technology area and has qualifications to participate in our projects. The persons indicated must be over 25 years of age.

3. How does the program work?

1. Identify friends and/or colleagues in the technology field who are interested in working in Portugal;

2. Fill in the form on this page with the necessary information for contact between both parties, EVPConnect and the person indicated;

3. You will receive an email about the status of your recommendation;

4. If the person you recommended is hired, you will receive R$1,000.00 via bank transfer.

4. Which profiles are we looking for?

The profiles that can compete are all those who have an intermediate level of English and prove at least 3 years of experience in one of the following areas:

- Backend software development;
- Frontend software development;- Android or IOS mobile development;
- Development in the Outsystems language;
- Expertise in the DevOps area;
- Expertise in SAP development;
- Expertise in the SAP functional area;
- Expertise in the area of ​​testing and software quality + certifications in the area;
- Expertise in the Business Intelligence area.

5. How many recommendations can I make?

There are no recommendation limits.

6. Want to talk to us? Call on zap

+351 938 354 639
+351 925 983 498